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Re: Qube2 Install woes AND USB/FW400 support?

On 5 May 2008, at 05:50, Al - image hosting services wrote:

I have never tried to install with the install cd or at least I was never
successful. However, it sounds like you might already have NetBSD
installed a cobalt. If this is the case, why not just update your install?
This would be faster and easier.

I've broken the existing install, for some reason pkgsrc won't bootstrap correctly. I think it's because I've messed about with installing bits and pieces and it balks the bootstrap script because some stuff is already there, I dunno, it's not working right anyway. I was hoping for a clean slate so I could just start over. I suppose I could re-install 3.99.17 and update the fresh install, would that work okay?

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