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Qube2 Install woes AND USB/FW400 support?

I have a Qube 2 (Gateway Microserver) that I am trying to install NetBSD-cobalt to but I have a problem. My i386 machine is a Sun Java Workstation, and it has on-board FireWire. The restore CD I have downloaded (a 4.0 Final CD ISO recently posted on this list) is picking the FW400 port (fwip0) and assigning it as the designated network device for networking ahead of the Broadcom GigaBit Ethernet port (bge0). This, obviously, is breaking the install as it's not communicating with the bge0 ethernet device.

At least that's what I assume is wrong, I could be way off.

Can I disable the fwip0 and enable the bge0 device and then try the bootstrap from there? It should be fairly straightforward but I'm a bit stuck. I tried fooling about with ifconfig alterations once the CD had booted but it wouldn't play ball. This ought to be pretty easy to get around in theory... right?

I haven't got the facilities to build my own bootstrap restore CD. I just want to download a NetBSD restore CD and get it running with something more recent than 3.99.17. I've already categorically failed at installing Debian and I'm not willing to plough more time into futzing about than I have to.


Secondly. If, when, maybe, I get it working I'd like to use external drives with it, the single internal 80GB is ok for now but it'll need expanding at some stage. I figure either FireWire or USB PCI cards ought to work, but the support wasn't compiled into 3.99.17. Hopefully if I can start afresh with 4.0 I can recompile a kernel with support for these cards built in? Is that possible?

Thanks for any help...

Mark Benson

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