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Re: netbsd-5 install from unmounted gemdos filesystem

On Tue, 3 Feb 2009, David Ross wrote:

Initially I get:

..and I choose the unmounted fs option.  Then I get the same as Tuomo:

        Aha - mount issue hopefully found and fixed, and I think
        I have a fix for the 8.3 truncation issue. Will upload when
        build completes. You should only need the new sysinst.fs.gz
        for this test.

Now that I've got the sets on my GEMDOS drive this will be at least one day faster for me to test in the future. (Copying the sets via a Ghostlink serial connection is an overnight process. I probably should search for some kind of TCP/IP stack for TOS that works with the Riebl/ANS to make file xfer faster in that environment.)

        Well, if you have a working NetBSD install on another
        disk/partition you can always perform the set transfer to
        the GEMDOS drive in NetBSD :)

        Would you have a chance to read through the atari INSTALL.html
        or INSTALL.txt and suggest any updates for NetBSD 5.0 (lets
        also assume the gemdos install will be working - that sets
        the challentge for me to make the code match the documentation

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