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Re: NetBSD/atari Xserver (Was: pushing netbsd-5)


>       On another topic - it looks like a working Xserver would
>       be quite a compelling factor for NetBSD/atari users.
>       XF68_FBDev is a 'raw' framebuffer driver. The two options
>       would be to port it forward to the latest xorg, or adjust
>       the atari grf device to we wsdisplay compatible so it could
>       run the generic wsdisplay Xserver.

I think porting wscons should be the way to go.  We will need to teach it
to understand interleaved pixel layout to support the native resolutions.
Unaccelerated drivers for add-on cards should be easy with wscons though.
Accelerated drivers depend on support in X for the chipset.



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