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Re: bootloader issue

The kernels I've been testing have been NetBSD 5, and they can at least install/boot at this point. I have extensive experience running 1.6.1 with the old value of ST_POOL_SIZE, with no issues, and I can't yet say the same with 5. But that should come in time. I guess making the change is fine, I'll just post to the list and/or file a PR if I experience any issues in the future.

David Ross

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Subject: Re: bootloader issue

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 11:22 PM, David Ross <dross%pobox.com@localhost> wrote:
I know I've attempted to modify this setting when I was using 1.6.1 and the results weren't good, so I'm a little nervious to touch it on the TT030 if
no problems are being observed.

Maybe you could leave the ATARITT kernel as-is, if ST_POOL_SIZE hasn't
already been modified there?

In any case, I can test any proposed changes on my TT030.

ST_POOL_SIZE is set to 24 with NetBSD current and 5. If you could try those
kernels and if there's no problems with TT then we can pullup changes also
for NetBSD-4 for now.


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