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Re: bootloader issue

I know I've attempted to modify this setting when I was using 1.6.1 and the results weren't good, so I'm a little nervious to touch it on the TT030 if no problems are being observed.

Maybe you could leave the ATARITT kernel as-is, if ST_POOL_SIZE hasn't already been modified there?

In any case, I can test any proposed changes on my TT030.

David Ross

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Subject: Re: bootloader issue

From: T. Makinen <tjamaloo%gmail.com@localhost>
I guess that pool exhausting should not be problem with Falcon if SCSI
DMA is
not used... So I'm not sure how useful ST_POOL_SIZE tuning is for Falcon.

Anyway TT kernel is using DMA and it might be affected by ST_POOL_SIZE
I don't know if it's good safety measurement to leave it to 24 and pull
also to NetBSD-4. What do others think ?

I would sync them all to 24 for now.

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