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Re: bootloader issue

David Ross wrote:

> 5.0_BETA installs, but on reboot it gets to the second stage bootloader and 
> then I get the "enter os-type" prompt from the bootloader.  I can hit enter 
> a few times and it does not load.

Hmm, according to atari/stand/bootxx/bootxx.c,
the prompt could appear if "autoboot" is not set
in the primary, or the secondary bootxx fails to
initialize disk or to load bootloader.

As you wrote in another mail, the latest HEAD snapshot
seems ready. Could you try it first?

If it doesn't work either, please also try my previous test kernel
and sysinst.fs
with the set files in the daily HEAD snapshot.

> I went back and tried 4.0_STABLE again.  I must have done something wrong 
> before because this time it booted and I was able to load sysinst just fine. 
> But then on install, I got:
> installboot: /dev/rsd0c: unknown: Device type not supported.
> This is one of the bugs David Brownlee fixed 
> (http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-atari/2008/11/13/msg000113.html), so I 
> think it's just missing his fix.

Ah, yes, I missed to merge it. I'll rebuild snapshot with it again.
Izumi Tsutsui

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