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Re: Device table and Orange Pi (Allwinner H3) boards

Thanks Martin!

I'll interrupt U-boot and take a close look with printenv.

I am giving consideration to working on a port to the Orange Pi R1 plus board.
This is an RK3328 based board, and should be mostly the same as the ROCK64
port, except that there are two ethernet ports, and on my board (LTS version) the "main"
ethernet port uses an unusual PHY chip (the Motorcomm YT8531C).

If anyone is already working on this, has comments, or is familiar with the YT8531 PHY,
please let me know.

On 1/23/23 11:04, Martin Husemann wrote:
On Mon, Jan 23, 2023 at 10:53:31AM -0700, Tom Trebisky wrote:
On the card Iam looking at (which runs on my orange pi board) there are a
myriad of
*.dtb files in the MSDOS partition, some right in the root and a lot in the
directory.  How does NetBSD decide which to load and use?
NetBSD does not, u-boot does. This is configured in the u-boot environment
(which typically is the default u-boot env as the images do not come with
a saved env).

So it depends on your u-boot, and you can look at more details when you
interrupt the boot process early and ask u-boot to "printenv".

   A lot of the  stuff on
the SD card looks like clutter from unrelated systems (odroid, raspberry pi,
The images are generic (that is: everything is the same in all images), only
the u-boot (and other files/blobs needed for booting) differ.


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