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Re: Device table and Orange Pi (Allwinner H3) boards

Thank you.

I am now thinking the following, and correct me if I am wrong.
If I want to port NetBSD to a new board of the same architecture (say armv7)
then I could take any of the many SD card images, replace 3 files:

kernel-GENERIC.ub - the kernel image that will get booted
kernel7.img - for symbols (??)
Some *.dtb file somwhere but which?

On the card Iam looking at (which runs on my orange pi board) there are a myriad of *.dtb files in the MSDOS partition, some right in the root and a lot in the "dtb" directory.  How does NetBSD decide which to load and use?  A lot of the stuff on the SD card looks like clutter from unrelated systems (odroid, raspberry pi, zynq,...)

Is there a tool somewhere that is used to generate these SD card images?
Perhaps I could answer many of my questions by looking at it

On 1/23/23 00:19, Rui-Xiang Guo wrote:
On Sat, Jan 21, 2023 at 03:02:25PM -0700, Tom Trebisky wrote:
I hope people don't mind answering basic questions.

I see that the "orange pi 2" image I am now running on my orange pi pc plus
boots a generic kernel.? This makes me think that somewhere I should find a
file that gives the device tree for my board.? I am looking for it, but not
finding it.
Where should I be looking, or is this done differently altogether?
You may find the dtb files in the msdos partition on your sd card.


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