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Re: Device table and Orange Pi (Allwinner H3) boards

On Mon, Jan 23, 2023 at 10:53:31AM -0700, Tom Trebisky wrote:
> On the card Iam looking at (which runs on my orange pi board) there are a
> myriad of
> *.dtb files in the MSDOS partition, some right in the root and a lot in the
> "dtb"
> directory.  How does NetBSD decide which to load and use?

NetBSD does not, u-boot does. This is configured in the u-boot environment
(which typically is the default u-boot env as the images do not come with
a saved env).

So it depends on your u-boot, and you can look at more details when you
interrupt the boot process early and ask u-boot to "printenv".

>  A lot of the  stuff on
> the SD card looks like clutter from unrelated systems (odroid, raspberry pi,
> zynq,...)

The images are generic (that is: everything is the same in all images), only
the u-boot (and other files/blobs needed for booting) differ.


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