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Looking for machine-language doc

I'm looking for documentation on ARM machine language - loosely put,
the information I would need to write an assembler, disassembler, or
emulator.  So far, besides seriously introductory material (about on
the level of explaining what an assembler is), all I've found is
pointers to arm.com.  They've drunk the "we're going to insist on
HTTPS" koolaid; well, I found a work machine I could still poke at it
from.  Next, it appears to think the glitz is so much more important
than the content that it's not willing to help me find content because
I don't have...I'm not sure, but probably Javascript, or maybe just the
right User-Agent: string, or something.  But my Web skillz are strictly
half-assed, so it's fairly likely I've missed something.  I did find a
direct pointer to one PDF
(arm_instruction_set_reference_guide_100076_0100_00_en.pdf), but all it
talks about is the assembly language, not a word about the machine
language.  (In passing, it's impressive the bytes-per-page ratio that
PDF achieves - under 3340!)

I don't suppose any of you have such doc, or can point me to exactly
what I have to curl/wget from arm.com?

In case it matters, the little I know about the use case at immediate
hand calls it "ARM922T" and "ARM9TDMI core".

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