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Suboptimal iperf3 performance on RockPro64


I have a project where I need to be able to saturate a gigabit link. I’m using a RockPro64 running 9.0_STABLE. I’m using an Intel i210 PCI-e NIC and I can’t get more than 740Mbit/sec on iperf3. I’ve enabled tcp4csum, udp4csum & ip4csum offloading and I’ve set the CPU speeds to max (1416 for the Cortex-A53’s and 1800 for the Cortex-A72’s).

I’ve had iostat -C running and the CPU is never more than 34% busy. vmstat shows 99 interrupts/sec. netstat doesn’t show any errors or collisions.

In contrast a 7 year old laptop with a chip that is >50% slower (on Geekbench5) can do 880Mbit/sec. The CPU usage peaks at 66% and there are also 99 interrupts/sec. The nic is from RealTek (re).

Also an AMD powered micro PC with similar but somewhat worse CPU stats  gets 920Mbit/second also with a RealTek nic (re).

Intuitively it seems like the RockPro64 should be able to push more across the network. I’ve ordered a microPC which has a PCI-e slot and a much slower CPU so I’ll be able to move the NIC from one machine to another and test.

But before that microPC arrives, does anyone have an idea? Or what more tests can I do to troubleshoot this further?


Jason M.

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