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Re: GPS reciever for cubetruck

Try https://www.dx.com/s/gps%20module?cateId=0

I bought some a few years ago to get GPS time before I had internet.
But then I sort of got internet so I just use NTP.

On 6/21/20, Manuel Bouyer <bouyer%antioche.eu.org@localhost> wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 07:59:16PM +0200, Ede Wolf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thanks very much for your pentiful answers. Indeed, that PPS thing opend
>> a
>> new can of worms, as I've always thought of getting one of those OXCO
>> Disciplined Oscillators, but eventually never really could part with the
>> money.
>> I still would like to be able to provide the nmea data via network to
>> other
>> clients, so gpsd support would still be on the wishlist.
>> However, searching for gps mouses that explicitly advertise PPS and linux
>> support was harder that I've assumed. Assuming, if there is linux
>> support,
>> they will run most likely with NetBSD as well.
>> As for the Venus8 chips, I have found a german article, that uses exactly
>> one of those chips for ntp using pps. However, in the comments section of
>> amazon for that gps mouse someone claimed, that pps is not available.
>> Makes
>> one wonder.
>> The ready to use u-blox 8 available here are rather expensive, and mostly
>> from navilock.
>> Something like this:
>> https://www.navilock.de/produkt/62576/merkmale.html?setLanguage=en
>> which leads to the next question, however slightly off topic:
>> Like the Microstack recommended earlier this thread by Mr. Bouyer, I have
>> seen a couple of recievers, usually for arduino, that have a 5 pin
>> connection. Next to powersupply and your transmit/recieve, there also
>> exists
>> a dedicated pps pin. However, I have not been able to find out, what pin
>> on
>> a RS232 connector this should go to. And if in genereal those are
>> suitable
>> for direct RS232 connection anyway or wether buffers are needed.
> This is likely a 3.3 or 5V TTL serial port interface. For RS232 you'll
> need buffers (like a max232 chip).
> However, AFAIK the cubietruck doesn't have a RS232 serial port either,
> but also has GPIOs that can be remapped to a serial port, so it will
> interface directly with a 3.3V TTL serial port.
> the PPS pin could be connected to an interrupt pin, or the DTR pin of
> the serial port. But I've not done it, the timing of the serial port
> is more than enough for my need, I don't need sub-second precision :)
> AFAIK the cubietruck uses a A20 SoC, the same as on the Olimex lime2 board
> I used for my project.
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