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Re: GPS reciever for cubetruck

Ede Wolf <listac%nebelschwaden.de@localhost> writes:

> Hi,
> As the title implies, I would like to connect a GPS reciever to my 
> cubietruck, and am wondering, wether someone has recommendation for a 
> device that works well with NetBSD (arm), preferably with gpsd.
> Thanks
> Ede

Depends what you want to do with it, but gpsd may have trouble for you.
The last I looked NetBSD does not support the IOCTLs required to get the
PPS signal into it ...  Linux has an unusual ability in this matter.  If
you are looking to just get NEMA serial data then gpsd should be ok.

I created a couple for GPS+PPS based clocks, one of the venus chips sold
by Sparkfun and another GTOP based sold by Adafruit.  I do not recommend
the GTOP chip for clock use.  It is more functional, and completely
programmable with serial commands, while the venus chip is a binary
command set, but the firmware on the GTOP tends to hang for me.

Brad Spencer - brad%anduin.eldar.org@localhost - KC8VKS - http://anduin.eldar.org

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