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Pinebook Pro install

Some notes about installing NetBSD arm64 current on the Pinebook Pro.

I used the http://www.armbsd.org/arm/ current image and dd'ed to an
external sd card initially but trying to use sysinst left the internal
emmc unbootable.

I was still able to boot from the sd but the bootup is a bit strange.
I had to hold the power down for about 3 secs to turn the led orange
and then wait quite some time before it went green and then finally
the display started working. Holding power for about 10 secs forces
power off.

I went onto the pine64 discord and was told sysinst didn't work to
install to disk and to dd the image directly to the emmc.  I was also
warned of a "soft brick" where corrupting the emmc boot meant you had
to open the case to disable the emmc in order to boot from sd.
Thankfully I didn't see that. I was also warned the spring on the sd
card can send the thing  flying across the room as well. I did see

I used

dd if=NetBSD-HEAD-aarch64-202006052230Z-pinebook-pro.img.gz of=/dev/rld0c bs=8m

followed by sync sync sync

(after confirming with dmesg that ld0 was internal emmc)

This allowed boot from emmc which resized the fs to the full disk.

I had issues with the Broadcom wireless bwfm. This would crash the
kernel after a while with older NetBSD-evbarm-aarch64-202005272200Z
and I saw a couple of boots freeze at this point with 202006052230Z so
I'm using an external athn (Atheros) USB stick currently.

I installed sets ok  over http via sysinst and was able to start twm
although trying to checkout pkgsrc via cvs crashed X. I've not yet
seen any issues outside X.

Steve Mynott <steve.mynott%gmail.com@localhost>

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