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NetBSD current 9.99.44 kernel build

I got KDE/plasma somehow to work on a Raspberry Pi 3, with luck I got the sources via CVS (not all - stopped at x11/tools/xcbcomp,  tried to refetch and update several times),  'git clone' crashes after having fetched the repo).  

It was the wrong directory (/usr/src/src)  but after attempts  with the -s flag I mv'd it to standard,  make clean. 

. /build.sh worked again for 10 hours on the tools (GCC took 5 hours and there's no -jX on the Raspi),  the /sys/arch/evbarm/conf/GENERIC copied,  nbconfig from the tool-dir did!  

Now trying to (nb)make depend,  missing the arm-sub-dir file config.h but is present! 

What to do now for a fresh world and kernel? 

Doing a lotta freeBSD 13, but netBSD with its target symbol looks quite older,  breaking Bills mach-attempts again and again. 


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