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Re: Slow network on evbarmv7h NetBSD 9

My target machine is an older, uniprocessor Intel box but it has Gig-Ethernet and SATA drives. It can definitely accept data faster than 1.5MB/sec.

I didn't trust my other test: My Pi's flash is read-only and I NFS-mount my home directory from a Synology NAS with SATA drives. If I do

? ? dd if=/dev/zero of=junk bs=8192 count=8192

it creates the 16MB file in 2.9 seconds which is ~23MB/sec -- much better throughput! I wasn't sure what kind of buffering and caching was being done my the filesystem, so I tried the 'scp' version.

      I would recommend you use specific tools like iperf, which generate
      data on the fly.

Thanks for the pointer.

Using iperf3 between rpi2 and orangepi I get around 94Mbit/s, which
is ok for the rpi2. The problem is going "outside". Downloading a
file from internet can't reach 500KB/sec on the pi and around
1,2MB/s with orange pi.  Same hardware, just changing the sd card,
linux goes more than 10MB/sec. The difference is too big and is
not the storage device nor the software. Next time someone download
a file from a known server, please take a look at the output of
ftp or wget. Maybe is just me, little gremlins screwing my arm
computers while drinking bit juice...


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