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Re: banana-pi-m3 netbsd-9 how to


On Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 11:27:52AM -0300, Sergio de Almeida Lenzi wrote:
> Thank you...I did it right, the "chip" is written, as it asks for, but
> the banana does not boot.
> Looking at the /dev/sd0e on the chip, there is a dtb for the banana
> already => sun8i-a83t-bananapi-m3.dtb, but some is missing in the
> bood.cmd, boot.ini that generates boot.scr so the system does not boot
> the correct kernel. it is not clear if in the armv7.img for  there are
> boot logic enough to detect the board and boot it... I was unable to
> find any documentation other than 

I cannot say for sure how it works on the Banana Pi M3, but at least
on the Pinebook, U-Boot loads /efi/boot/bootaa64.efi from the FAT
partition - that then loads the NetBSD kernel on the FFS partition.
Linux uses boot.scr but we don't.

Does the image from invisible.ca also not boot?  And what exactly does
"not boot" mean here, does the screen stay black or do you get some
output but errors?


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