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Re: banana-pi-m3 netbsd-9 how to

Em sex, 2019-08-09 às 06:40 -0700, Jason Thorpe escreveu:
> > On Aug 9, 2019, at 12:39 AM, Harold Gutch <logix%foobar.franken.de@localhost>
> > wrote:
> > 
> > Probably a typo, yes - the device depends on your setup, but the
> > devices in the two "dd" commands should be the same.
> "d" or "c" depends on what sort of host you're doing the dd(1)
> command from, and what it's "raw_part" is.  On x86, it's "d" for
> historical reasons.
> -- thorpej
Thank you...I did it right, the "chip" is written, as it asks for, but
the banana does not boot.
Looking at the /dev/sd0e on the chip, there is a dtb for the banana
already => sun8i-a83t-bananapi-m3.dtb, but some is missing in the
bood.cmd, boot.ini that generates boot.scr so the system does not boot
the correct kernel. it is not clear if in the armv7.img for  there are
boot logic enough to detect the board and boot it... I was unable to
find any documentation other than 

I am trying to produce raspberry pi like computers that can be
offered for free, in public schools in BRAZIL. the computers must have
its operating system with BSD licence and compiled/built in Brazil.  I
manage to build the mate desktop running on the armv7 too. The problem
is that raspberrypi is so slow that compiling the rust language it
takes 3 days, compiling firefox68 is 2 days.. Running armv7 on qemu on
a 8 core FreeBSD64 cpu it is slower than running in the bare bone
raspberry pi, so I came with the banana-pi-m3 option that have 2Gb of
memory and 8 core cpu..and sata port.. this way I can build the OS in
the banana-pi and than run it on the RPI. that is why I need some help.

If someone can point me to how to boot NetBSD on banana-pi-m3 SOC, I
would very much appreciate. 

Thank you for any help, 


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