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Re: pinebook status update (20190122)

Perhaps we should set up a way that people can request images with any of
the corresponding u-boot bits dd'd on to each image. Note that I'm not
volunteering extra work for Jared at http://www.invisible.ca/arm/, but
something like that with the pull-downs to select an image with the proper
u-boot would probably help a lot of people.

That is exactly what that URL does - it takes the images created on the
NetBSD auto build cluster, patches the proper u-boot into them (according
to your selection on the page) and gives you the resulting ready-to-boot

It does? I thought so, too, way back, but I had a number of images which didn't work until I installed the u-boot.

Then again, I remember this issue when I was trying to get current working on a Jetson TX1, so I think the issue was me ;)

Sorry for the noise, and thanks for the clarification.


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