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Re: wiki page udpates

As threatened, I have edited the wiki page at


a lot.  I folded in many of the comments, either adding their content or
adding \todo entries to explain things that were asked.  Given that I
received zero objecting comments, I tended to the heavyhanded side.

I could use help with some of the questions; feel free to edit or to
email me with answers.  Specifically:

 - what about RPI0 and RPI0W?

 - can you use an earmv6hf build to install on RPI2/3?  If so, is there
   an included kernel7 and does that use earmv6h or earmv7hf instruction

 - if you build with eb, does it work?

 - do the earm/v4/v5 builds do anyting useful?  (with the understanding
   that surely one should use v6 on a RPI1)

 - does earmv7 run faster than earmv6 on a RPI2/3?  How much?

 - why the rpi.img vs armv7.img lack of parallel structure?

 - why no armv7_inst.img?  Is it becuase you can install an earmv7hf
   build on a RPI2/3 with the inst image from an earmv6hf build?

 - is the sshramdisk section actually still right?

 - I think there is no documentation or script to update firmware on a
   system once installed, other than a cowboy copy of most of /boot from
   an unpacked rpi.img.gz or armv7.img.gz.  And that the firmware is not
   in the installed filesystem anywhere.  Correct?

 - explain if a netbsd-8 system should have the firmware updated to
   match what is in current

 - usb enumeration with multiple disks (and root on external)??

 - pointer to console font changing - or opinions that this is not about
   RPI and should just be dropped

 - how do you tell anita to emulate RPI1 vs 2 vs 3?

 - what's the command line for qemu?

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