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ARM64 ACPI support project

The NetBSD Foundation is pleased to announce a contract with
Jared McNeill (jmcneill%NetBSD.org@localhost) to port the ACPI subsystem
to the ARM64 platform, enabling generic kernels to just work on
ARM64 SBBA (Server Base Boot Requirements) and SBSA (Server Base
System Architecture) standard systems.

The goals of the project are:

- extend efiboot to deal with handoff between FDT and ACPI, and
  add an ACPI FDT driver

- add generic "ACPI" platform support to ARM64

- port ACPI code, both MD and ACPICA, to ARM64

- add support for ACPI 6.1

- add ARM64 support to /usr/sbin/acpitools

- add MSI/MSI-X and additional GICv3 interrupt controller support
  to ARM64

- add support for generic drivers: plcom serial, USB, SATA, and
  PCI Express


on behalf of core,


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