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Re: invisible.ca/arm

On Feb 18, 2018, at 3:50 PM, Andreas Drewke <andreas%drewke.net@localhost> wrote:

Hi Jared,

I’ll start doing board specific images once arm64 support is merged into CVS and the auto build servers start generating builds. I don’t think think this is very far off.
That is amazing.

I’ll send you a build to try in the meantime.
That is even more amazing.

I will test now if new build still crashes a) with USB hub attached b) or not and report here.

I haven’t tested this exact image (doing other tests on Pinebook ATM) but it should be ok.

One question: Are ARM32 packages available somewhere? I do not read anymore about it on http://invisible.ca/arm

The machine I had doing bulk builds died and I haven’t had time to fix it :(


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