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Re: invisible.ca/arm

Hi Andreas --

Those images are refreshed every day based on the latest builds on the autobuild cluster (nycdn.netbsd.org). The autobuild machines are currently offline but once they return, new images will start appearing again.


On Tue, 6 Feb 2018, Andreas Drewke wrote:


I wanted to ask who invented "http://www.invisible.ca/arm"; and say thank you.
I discovered it while looking for a NetBSD build for Pinebook. Unfortunatly some things are still not working with it like multiprocessor support. Only one CPU is used for now. Of course I am now very curious when the next build will be uploaded. Another thing is that packages seem not to be uploaded.

As I have a pretty capable desktop AMD64 PC so I wanted to ask If I maybe can help building packages and upload them or something.

I was a happy NetBSD user back in 2004 - 2006 and I would love to use NetBSD again e.g. on my PineBook.

Many thanx and best regards
Andreas Drewke

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