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Re: epoch32 Fails to Boot on psion 5 MX

Aha - I just remembered I had an unused Revo buried away somewhere.

I transferred euhal.exe across by IR from a psion 5 and...

3) Psion Revo
RomVersion 1.06(390)
RAM 16384
ROM 8192
Framebuffer 0x58002020
EKERN 0x100000ba
ECOMM 0x10000079 0x100000ae

I'd forgotten how well the IR transmission worked between Psions :)

So I sent the e32boot.exe and netbsd+wmlcd across just to test
"netbsd+wmlcd "Not supported machine" :)"

The revo is a nice size, but the keyboard is... oh god, and the 16M of memory cannot make up for the lack of CF card slot - nowdays would have had a microsd without problem :/

The lack of serial is annoying as well - would have precluded it from my primary Psion use - always available serial console :)

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