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Re: (there are no BPF devices)

> I didn't notice it but the ownership was wrong!  I don't know why but
> the link it's owned my a nonexistent UID (611):

> # ls -l /dev/bpf0 
> lrwx------  1 611  wheel  3 Oct 28 06:38 /dev/bpf0 -> bpf

If the filesystem the link is on isn't mounted symperm, neither
ownership nor mode of a symlink should matter, as I understand it - and
as far as I know symperm is not on by default.  Also, if you're using
tcpdump at all, you're presumably running as root, in which case,
again, neither ownership nor permission should matter.

So there's something odd going on here.

>   1773      1 tcpdump  CALL  open(0xbfffd9b0,2,0xdad9651e)
>   1773      1 tcpdump  NAMI  "/dev/bpf0"
>   1773      1 tcpdump  RET   open -1 errno 2 No such file or directory

That's not the error I'd expect, either.

> I've just removed/re-created the link and it worked!

We'll probably never know, then.  At least you got it working.

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