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Re: (there are no BPF devices)

On 30 Oct, 2013, at 17:48 , ASV <asv%inhio.eu@localhost> wrote:
> Tnx for replying Dennis,
> unfortunately that's the problem
> # ls /dev/bpf*
> /dev/bpf  /dev/bpf0

That's too bad.

To make sure bpf is in the kernel you could try looking at

   sysctl kern.drivers

for a mention of bpf, or maybe

    modstat bpf

to see what that says.  If it is there you might try

    fstat | grep bpf

to see if anything else is using it.  Finally, the output
of, say

    ktrace tcpdump arp

should tell you the system call error which causes it to
believe that bpf is missing.

Dennis Ferguson

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