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Re: ATF test result (2012/09/09, -current)


The number of failed test cases reduced to 18.



                -O2     -O1     -O0
ipf             fail    fail    fail
siginfo         fail    fail    fail
protoent        fail    fail    fail
libc/tls        pass    pass    fail
libc/ssp        pass    pass    fail
libm            fail    pass    pass
libpthread      fail    fail    pass
carp            fail    pass    fail
net/icmp/ping   pass    pass    fail
resize_ffs      fail    fail    fail
total           36      18      36

 New test result:


Summary for 516 test programs:
    3015 passed test cases.
    7 failed test cases.
    20 expected failed test cases.
    120 skipped test cases.

    - Both kernel and userland were compiled with -O1.
    - OPEN-RD using evbarm/conf/OPENRD
    - using ffs wd0 for the root filesysem.

 The difference against yesterday's test:

    - add pseudo-device putter (sbin/resize_ffs passed)
    - update /etc/prootocols. I had used broken /etc/protocols
      (lib/libc/net/t_protoent passed)

 Failed testcases for ipf are also failed some other platforms, so
the remaining is:

 - lib/libc/gen/t_siginfo sigfpe_int
        FPE signal handler was not invoked
 - lib/libpthread/t_cond cond_timedwait_race
        Test case was expecting a failure but none were raised

                SAITOH Masanobu (msaitoh%execsw.org@localhost

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