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Re: Dockstar boots - was Re: Dockstar question


I guess I need to hook up a serial cable and see if I can watch the console.

I borrowed the MAX3232 from my Plextor landisk system to see what is up, and when it locks nothing appears on the console. I tried sending breaks, but I never saw anything written which made me think these devices can be brought to the firmware prompt.

It would be really nice to get one more confirmation that sources
after June 11 or so will not produce a stable kernel.

I think it's safe enough to say.

With regards to instability in network use, I couldn't say since all I've done so far is scp a couple of gigabytes, but one of my Dockstars has been running simh for ten hours now, so strictly CPU-heavy tasks are fine.

Thanks, everyone. So far, so good.


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