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Re: Dockstar -current kernels

Hello everybody,

On 14 Jun 2011, at 16:15 , Andy Ruhl wrote:

> But it seems like I might have a bad machine. I still have not figured
> out the hangs when using rsync,

For rsync problem, It's a really strange behavior. It's only when sending 'big' 
data. Small packets have no problems.

I start a rsync between my dockstar (netbsd, sending data) and a freebsd host 
(receiving data).

At some point, my netbsd is sending acknowledge but freebsd discard it (the ack 
can be seen on freebsd interface). I don't know why. I need to enable debug, 
clean up the tcpdump trace and ask for some help on tech-net.

> and wpa_supplicant still crashes. Once
> in a while the machine becomes unresponsive and I have to hard boot it
> (with a flash disk or a real hard disk). Something seems wrong. I'm
> not building the kernel or the userland with any special options I
> think.

Strange. I didn't try a recent kernel (I'm using  5.99.52 from 10-jun-2011). 
But my dockstar is stable. I'm using a 'seagate agent Go' disk (the one that 
fit with dockstar).


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