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Re: Gumstix Overo boot


From: Arthur Accroc <arthur.accroc1%gmail.com@localhost>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 09:36:00 +0200

> So if i understand well :
> 1 - you put netbsd.gz.ub on the Flash overo memory (maybe you can give us
> the command to flash it on the overo),

No.  I put onto microSD.  NetBSD can't handle microSD yet.  U-boot
(boot loader) can handle microSD.

> 2 - you tell u-boot to load (from Flash) and boot the netbsd.gz.ub,

'mmc init', 'fatls mmc 0 ...', 'fatload mmc 0 ...':
These commands access to microSD for U-boot.

> 3 - the root filesystem is on nfs

Yes, current state.

> could we put all the filesystem on the overo itself ?

We can do it (ramdisk ;-).  However, Overo is being developed now.
Please do not forget not to be able to use USB, microSD, LCD, Audio,
and HDMI.

  However, I look like USB is EHCI.  ;-)

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