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NetBSD/hpcarm W-ZERO3 pre-installed disk image for SD media


For easy trial of NetBSD/hpcarm on Sharp/Willcom W-ZERO3 smart phones,
I've created a pre-installed disk image for NetBSD/hpcarm W-ZERO3
that will fit 2GB SD card media:

You can try NetBSD/hpcarm (including Xserver) on W-ZERO3 machines,
without complicated installation, by simply writing the image to
a 2GB SD card media by gunzip(1) and dd(1) on UNIX environments as:
 # gunzip -c [gzipped image] | dd of=/dev/rsdXd bs=64k
or using the brandnew Rawrite32.exe tool for Windows version

The new Rawrite32 tool works fine with >2GB images against
removable drives and even on newer Windows Vista and Windows 7.
(Thanks martin!)

I've also prepared some useful pre-compiled pkgsrc-2010Q2 based
package binaries for NetBSD/hpcarm 5.99.38 on that image.

Please read README files for more details:
 http://ftp.NetBSD.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/tsutsui/wzero3/README.ja (Japanese)

For NetBSD/hpcarm itself and supported W-ZERO3 machines,
please refer NetBSD/hpcarm port page:


Izumi Tsutsui

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