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Eurotech/SphereII port of NetBSD5/evbarm


I've been working on porting NetBSD 5.0 to the Eurotech/SphereII board, which 
uses a Cirrus Logic EP9315 ARM920TDMI processor:


After fighting with the memory layout, the kernel now boots and devices are 
initialized. However, userland (init and rc) seem to have issues, either 
running out of memory or something, I actually have no clue (anymore).

We also tried different configurations, like building the Kernel (NetBSD 4/5) 
on a AMD64, i386 or evbarm host. Build hosts versions ranged from NetBSD 3.0 
to NetBSD 5.0, all showing the same results - that only the first 17 
characters are printed to console and then userland does not continue. As 
mentioned on the website, the kernel continues to run! Output is correctly 
shown when plugging in and out USB devices (for example).

The extra debug info at the end is in exec_elf somewhere in /kern as there 
were originally some issues with VM_MAXUSER_ADDRESS being too low, after 
which we moved the virtual KERNEL_BASE address and KERNEL_BASE_EXT to 0xc...

Does anyone know how to go on from there, what could possibly be wrong with 
userland? Are there still issues with memory layout?

Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks,

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