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Beagleboard support in NetBSD


   I am trying to boot NetBSD on the Beagle board (beagleboard.org). The
Board has U-boot as the default boot loader. I built NetBSD 5.0 kernel
and cross-compiled for the beagle board

Followed http://www.netbsd.org/docs/guide/en/chap-build.html to setup
the environment.

   I tried booting the nedbsd.bin kernel file from the u-boot but am not
successful. Following these steps.

1. Boot the target, will get u-boot prompt.

2. load the netbsd.bin kernel. For load address I followed the
netbsd.map file. 

   u-boot# loady 0x80300000

3. execute the kernel.

   u-boot# go 0x80300000

After this step, the execution hangs and I dont see any output on the
minicom screen. 

---- cut netbsd.map --------
Linker script and memory map          
                0x80300000                KERNEL_BASE_phys = 0x80300000
                0x80300000                KERNEL_BASE_virt = 0x80300000

.start          0x80300000      0x168     
 .start         0x80300000      0x168 beagle_start.o
                0x80300000                beagle_start
.text           0x80300168   0x1ca887 load address 0x80300168
 .text          0x80300168       0xf0 locore.o
                0x80300228                longjmp
                0x8030021c                setjmp
                0x80300234                abort
                0x80300238                dumpsys
                0x803001cc                cpu_reset  
                0x80300168                kernel_text
                0x80300168                start


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