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Re: Eurotech/SphereII port of NetBSD5/evbarm

On 22/06/2009, at 11:34 PM, Raphael Langerhorst wrote:


I've been working on porting NetBSD 5.0 to the Eurotech/SphereII board, which
uses a Cirrus Logic EP9315 ARM920TDMI processor:


After fighting with the memory layout, the kernel now boots and devices are initialized. However, userland (init and rc) seem to have issues, either
running out of memory or something, I actually have no clue (anymore).

I can't get the memory based /dev to work. It (almost) always causes a panic on my TS-7200s which is an EP9302 based system. I just created the device nodes in /dev so that init wouldn't try and created the mfs. I get messages like

        warning: no /dev/console

        uvm_fault(0xc2921e14, 37352000, 1) -> e
        Fatal kernel mode data abort: 'Translation Fault (S)'
        Stopped in pid 2.1 (sh) at      netbsd:uvm_pagealloc_pgfl+0x84: ...


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