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Re: Clock error on bootup - NSLU2

Chris Gilbert wrote:
Looking at:

There's a suggestion that the RTC sometimes stalls, and that removing the battery for a bit might unstall it. Might be worth a try.
Measured battery voltage: 2.91 at the chip (pins 4 - 7) and 3.2 at the battery. Removed the battery for roughly an hour. Exactly the same behavior (can't read on boot up, can't write when setting date) after reinstalling the battery. I also doubled all of the delays in .../src/sys/dev/i2c/i2c_bitbang.c. Same behavior. The Debian clock driver appears to work - or at least I didn't see any errors on the console or in /var/log/messages. On the first boot-up into Debian, the clock was wrong, but OK the second time the Slug was booted.

Thanks for the suggestion, but RTC lockup doesn't appear to be the problem. If I have time tomorrow, I'll compare the Debian startup to the NetBSD startup code.

Regards, Don

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