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Power management framework for OMAP2

Greetings to all concerned

I would appreciate your input and opinions about a power management
framework implementation for OMAP2. Such a framework is on our To-do
list and we would be happy to see a solution that would be useful to
all, and also coherent with the whole of NetBSD and its concepts.

Earlier we made an adaptation of a basic clock framework based on an
old concept from another OS, and comments from Mr. Matt Thomas lead me
to believe you may be looking for something more along the lines of the
ACPI standard, am I correct?

We have the adapted codes and both the clock configurations and methods
for their manipulation currently in hand, and I'm sure we could develop
something we can all agree upon. If you can share your opinion and
define some parameters to our design, we are ready to start working on

Best regards,
Juha Keski-Saari
Teleca Finland

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