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Re: [Fwd: NSLU2 builds and boots, but seems to disappear when running /sbin/init]

> At any rate, I'm going to try recompiling the kernel with ext2 support
> and see if I can create a root USB drive from a linux machine (I don't
> have a machine running NetBSD).  Trying to figure out SELinux seems
> like a no-win situation, though I suppose I could always disable it.
> If somebody has a better idea, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
> Thanks, Don

IMHO, for linux users that want ffs rootfs, there is an easier way to
install the slug. No need for NFS or another NetBSD machine. 
1) Build the entire NSLU2 distribution including the installation
kernel. (I had to add NSLU2 to the list of armeb targets in some
makefiles IIRC)
2) Copy the distribution sets to a partition on your usb disk.
3) Boot the installation kernel and follow the instructions.

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