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Re: How to install NetBSD on NSLU2 (evbarm)?

On Wednesday 16 January 2008 21:59:22 Donald T Hayford wrote:
> I see in the install.html for NetBSD-4 that the NSLU2 is now
> supported under the evbarm platform.  I've run Debian on my NSLU2 for
> some time and am very interested in trying BSD.  But, I'm a little
> confused as to where to find it.

The problem is that NSLU2 Ethernet is not supported in 4.0, which 
renders the port more or less useless.

NetBSD-current does have Ethernet support, but you will have to download 
some firmware from Intel first.

NSLU2's README is located here:


The IXP425 Ethernet firmware README is located here:


Because of the nature of the device and the firmware distribution 
issues, getting NetBSD onto an NSLU2 is non-trivial. Feel free to keep 
asking questions here though if you decide to take the plunge!

Cheers, Steve

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