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RE: Re: Re: AmigaOS 3.2 kickstart ROM crashing on NetBSD partitions (Was NetBSD/amiga sysinst)

From: Karoly Balogh <charlie%scenergy.dfmk.hu@localhost> 
Sent: viernes, 24 de marzo de 2023 11:58

> As I wrote on EAB, this _recoverable_ alert is probably caused
> by the boot code returning with an error (read: rts while d0 non 0?)
> to the OS. Just by quickly glancing at it, the boot code makes some
> assumptions regarding the stack and register layout the boot code
> is called with, then proceeds to allocate some memory and other
> things. I did not check if these are "hard truths", or it just
> happens to work with the previous Kickstart versions.

Although that makes sense, why the bootblock works when running with the runbootblock utility from AmigaOS 3.2? The Recoverable Alert will only happen when trying to boot NetBSD from the Early Startup Menu. Is there something different in the memory layout before actually booting AmigaOS?


PD: Just to remember, I didn't try bootblock in rom 3.1.4 since I don't own it; maybe the breaking changes (whatever it is on the NetBSD o kickstart code side) began there and they were just carried to 3.2. As I said, bootblock is working fine in 3.1.

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