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Re: NetBSD/amiga sysinst (Was: Video of NetBSD/amiga 10.0_BETA network install in real Amiga 1200)

David Brownlee wrote:

> I would hope to add it as the first question at the start of the
> script - "install via script or via sysinst". If we get it working and
> find that it's so amazing no-one ever needed the script again maybe we
> could look to drop the script... sometime around NetBSD-12 :-p

That would be nice! The complicated installation procedure (with preparing
the partitions, etc.) is certainly the main problem new NetBSD users are
facing on the Amiga.

Unfortunately it has become worse. I made some tests with my A3000/060 over
the last days and noticed that the installation script seems broken since

With the NetBSD-10.99 beta installer I couldn't install from a local FTP
server. With the NetBSD-9.2 installer I couldn't even configure my ne(4)
(Ariadne-II) network card.

Also since 9 you can no longer select a different keymap than 'us'. All that
worked with NetBSD-8.

I looked over some CVS logs for the MD installer part, but couldn't find
anything suspicious...

> If I wanted to poke at testing sysinst in uae what would be the best
> way to bootstrap a system - assuming I have a good rom and Workbench
> floppy images (*), what would be a good UAE (or e-uea) config and
> initial hard disk image setup?

I'm using E-UAE myself most of the time (as it works with NetBSD, MorphOS,
etc.), but even the latest version is so old that it has no MMU emulation.

68030 and 68851 MMU emulation entered WinUAE a few years ago. And now I
think that even 68040 and 060 MMUs are more or less emulated.

I would try to set up a 68030/68881 system, like a stock A3000
configuration. The AmigaOS ROM and Workbench version doesn't matter so
much. I think that all AmigaOS ROMs since 2.0 can boot NetBSD. But I would
go for a 3.1 ROM, which is the most common.

Frank Wille

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