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Re: Work on PCI support :-)


(many, many kernel compiles later...)


Currently it is possible to use CyberVisionPPC/BlizzardVisionPPC with the p5pb 
+ genfb drivers. 

Unfortunately, there are still problems:
- You will notice that the are some pixels missing, on the left side of the 
screen. I discussed this with macallan. We've reached the conclusion that the 
firmware sets up such weird mode. In a few days I'll install CGX on AmigaOS and 
do additional testing on other screen modes. 
- The pm2fb driver isn't working yet. Not much progress here.
- The keyboard isn't working with genfb yet. Probably I need to touch the 
console-related code, because now it does not know anything about my changes.

Best regards,
Radosław Kujawa

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