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Re: 8.0 booter: chain-boot sd0 if present?

>> Thoughts?  Alternatives?
> Is the new candidate hardware able to use UEFI?

It claims to be; in the BIOS  setup screens it claims to be compliant
to "UEFI 2.5; PI 1.4".  But, as I understand it, UEFI requires that a
UEFI boot device take precendence over a "legacy" (MBR) device - but
that's not what I'm seeing happening; the USB UEFI thumbdrive is not
overriding the MBR-partitioned SATA SSD.  I went through the whole menu
tree and didn't find anything that looked promising.  I don't know
what's going on, but that implies to me that the UEFI implementation is
buggy enough that it would be stupid to count on it working right in
other respects.  Bouncing off the SSD's MBR strikes me as an acceptable
fallback plan.  (If UEFI works right and it boots from the thumbdrive
right out of the gate, then the SSD's MBR code won't matter anyway.)

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