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Re: Test of Dell/EMC Poweredge R7525

> Access to DDB would be nice...

Yes.  Sadly, I've not figured out how to do that via iDrac; as I
mentioned, there's no physical serial port.

> Considering that the first hit is on CR4, you could print something like:
> +		if ((rcr4() & CR4_SMAP) == 0) {
> +			printf("cpu=%d first=%d second=%d", curcpu()->ci_index, first, second);
> +		}
>  		KASSERT(rcr4() & CR4_SMAP);
> That would be useful. I expect the bug to be in the initialization of
> secondary CPUs, not in pmap etc.

That resulted in

cpu=0 first=1 second=1

and the same panic as before:

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "rcr4() & CR4_SMAP" failed ...

What next?

- Havard

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