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Re: Test of Dell/EMC Poweredge R7525

Le 25/04/2020 à 11:06, Havard Eidnes a écrit :
>> There's this PR:
>> 	https://gnats.netbsd.org/cgi-bin/query-pr-single.pl?number=54489
> Yep, seems pretty identical.
>> So, if someone could provide the feedback, that would help already.
> About which CPU this comes from?


> At least the first crash seems to imply "not the boot processor",
> ref. the presence of boot_secondary_processors() in the stack trace.
> The problem I have is that when NetBSD drops into DDB, the keyboard is
> unresponsive, both the physical (USB) and the virtual keyboard via
> iDRAC, and the server does not have a serial port.  Any hints for how
> to go about finding the asked-for information?  Can you either suggest
> a diff providing more printf() output, or suggest what could be used
> to identify each cpu (ci_index via cpu_index()?)?  (I'm sorry I didn't
> note down the stack backtrace from the second crash.)  Would perhaps
> something like this provide the requested information?

Access to DDB would be nice...

Considering that the first hit is on CR4, you could print something like:

+		if ((rcr4() & CR4_SMAP) == 0) {
+			printf("cpu=%d first=%d second=%d", curcpu()->ci_index, first, second);
+		}
 		KASSERT(rcr4() & CR4_SMAP);

That would be useful. I expect the bug to be in the initialization of
secondary CPUs, not in pmap etc.


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