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Test of Dell/EMC Poweredge R7525


I've had a chance to test-boot NetBSD-current on a Dell/EMC
Poweredge R7525 system which isn't installed with what it's going
to run quite yet (well, maybe it is now...).  This system is
using AMD EPYC CPUs.

The initial attempt resulted in a panic:

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "rcr4() & CR4_SMAP" failed:
file ... patch.c

stack: vpanic() -> kern_assert() -> x86_patch() ->
cpu_boot_secondary_processors() -> main()

Based on hints, I #if 0'ed that part of patch.c, and did a local
build, but then I get another panic:

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "ci->citlbstate != TLBSTATE_VALID"
failed: file ... pmap.c line 3385

I didn't take note of the stack trace, though.

Any ideas?


- Håvard

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