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Re: multiboot doesn't work

On May 1, 10:45am, Robert Swindells wrote:
} John Nemeth <jnemeth%cue.bc.ca@localhost> wrote:
} >On Apr 30,  8:24pm, Robert Swindells wrote:
} >} Alexander Nasonov <alnsn%yandex.ru@localhost> wrote:
} >} >When I try to boot a kernel with 'options MULTIBOOT' from NetBSD
} >} >bootloader it panics:
} >} 
} >} What bootloader command are you using ?
} >} 
} >} >extent_alloc_region: extent 'iomem', size 0x0
} >} >panic: extent_alloc_region: bad size
} >} 
} >} Can you get a stack trace from this ?
} >} 
} >} >Is this setup expected to work?
} >} 
} >} No.
} >
} >Yes, it is.  Why do you say it isn't?
} There isn't any expectation that our bootloader passes the correct
} things in the multiboot structure to satisfy the multiboot entry point
} of a NetBSD kernel.

     The idea that our bootloader can't boot our kernel is absurd.

} Even if someone fixes this I don't feel that we should claim that it is
} supported, it just multiplies up the number of things that could break
} and need to be tested.

     Doesn't matter.  Everything that we provide should work, and
if it doesn't, it should be fixed.

} If someone reports that grub can longer boot a NetBSD kernel then that
} is maybe more of an issue.
} >BTW, it's the only way to boot a Xen kernel.
} I know, that is why I added multiboot to the bootloader.

     Thank you.  It is very nice being able to boot Xen with our
own bootloader and not having to deal with GRUB.

}-- End of excerpt from Robert Swindells

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