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Re: multiboot doesn't work

John Nemeth <jnemeth%cue.bc.ca@localhost> wrote:
>On Apr 30,  8:24pm, Robert Swindells wrote:
>} Alexander Nasonov <alnsn%yandex.ru@localhost> wrote:
>} >When I try to boot a kernel with 'options MULTIBOOT' from NetBSD
>} >bootloader it panics:
>} What bootloader command are you using ?
>} >extent_alloc_region: extent 'iomem', size 0x0
>} >panic: extent_alloc_region: bad size
>} Can you get a stack trace from this ?
>} >Is this setup expected to work?
>} No.
>Yes, it is.  Why do you say it isn't?

There isn't any expectation that our bootloader passes the correct
things in the multiboot structure to satisfy the multiboot entry point
of a NetBSD kernel.

Even if someone fixes this I don't feel that we should claim that it is
supported, it just multiplies up the number of things that could break
and need to be tested.

If someone reports that grub can longer boot a NetBSD kernel then that
is maybe more of an issue.

>BTW, it's the only way to boot a Xen kernel.

I know, that is why I added multiboot to the bootloader.

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