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Re: multiboot doesn't work

Alexander Nasonov wrote:
>> Robert Swindells wrote:
>> > What bootloader command are you using ?
>> multiboot /MULTIBOOT -s
>> > Can you get a stack trace from this ?
>> It only prints these two lines. I can recompile with DDB_ONPANIC=1.
>It didn't enter ddb. I also tried
>multiboot /MULTIBOOT -d
>it didn't attach to ddb either.
>I'm not actually sure that multiboot supports arguments of the boot
>command -1234abcdmqsvxz. Manual page for boot(8) says it does:
>               NetBSD multiboot kernels
>                       A NetBSD kernel that was built with options MULTIBOOT
>                       (see x86/multiboot(8)) may be booted with either the
>                       boot or multiboot command, passing the same arguments
>                       in either case.
>but multiboot(8) man only lists root, console and console_{addr,speed} with
>no mention of -1234abcdmqsvxz.

I don't know why that text got into the man page, I think we should
take it out.

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