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Re: BETA6.0 - AMD Opetron 6272 (16 core) multiprocessor config crashes

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <tih%Hamartun.Priv.NO@localhost> writes:

> Lately, using a -current from April 10th, it's been hanging
> itself up from time to time, during heavy disk access from clients.
> Everything else still works, but anything that tries to access disk
> locks.  No error messages on the console or in the logs.

...and it's managed to do something wrong, too.  The system has a RAID
controller with battery backed RAM on it, and /usr is mounted thus:

/dev/ld0e       /usr            ffs     rw,log          0 2

I just got this on the console and in /var/log/messages, a few minutes
after the latest forced reboot:

free inode /usr/2067949 had 4294967264 blocks

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